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Customer Service Training

It is widely known that people buy people first, products and services second, so everyone who communicates with a customer must have the right skills. Whether you handle customer enquiries on the telephone or in person, our Customer Service Training will ensure that participants assess their own customer care skills, understand the influence they have and be given the skills to excel your customer service levels.

Customer Service Training

This Customer Service Training Course will provide the tools needed to offer exceptional customer service.

Time Management

This Time Management Training Course will help you manage your time more effectively.

Professional Telephone Skills

This Telephone Skills Training Course will leave you feeling confident when speaking with customers on the telephone.

Executive PA Training Course

This Executive PA Training Course will help you manage your employers schedule with ease and competence.

Receptionist Skills Course

This Receptionist Skills Course is designed to give you the confidence to work on the front line of an organisation.

Debt Collection by Telephone

This Debt Collection by Telephone Course is for anyone who would like to develop their debt collection techniques.

Business & Report Writing Skills

This course is designed for personal assistants looking to improve their skills and work more competently.